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Our Products

assortment of raw meat

We sell organic and non-gmo, grass fed, beef and lamb. We have a variety of cuts available. For Commercial, custom or bulk orders, contact us for pricing & availability.

*See our Beef and Lamb Price at the bottom of the page.

Other Store Products


We have a variety of other products available in our farm store from local area farmers as well. Fresh brown eggs, homemade soaps, t-shirts, and woodwork available. Check back with us often to see what other items we will have coming soon.

Store Hours


Visit our farm store at:

2353 US Highway 411 NE. Ranger, GA 30734

NEW STORE HOURS beginning January 14, 2019

Thursday & Friday   10 am – 5 pm

Saturday 10 am - 3 pm

Closed on Sunday through Wednesday






Products prices


Ground $5 per lb
Chuck Roast $6.25 per lb
Shoulder Roast $6.25 per lb                                              
Round Steak $6.25 per lb
NY Strip Steaks (1 inch)$14 per lb
Ribeye Steaks (1 inch)$15.25 per lb
T-Bone Steaks (1 inch)$14 per lb
Sirloin Steaks (1 inch)$10.25 per lb
Cubed Steaks $6 per lb
Stew Meat $6 per package
Cooking Bones $3.50 per lb
Chuck Ribs $6.50 per lb
Liver $2.75 per lb
Heart $2 per lb

*Pricing for special cuts available as a unit price by order.

**Other cuts available in store.


Ground Sausage (Hot or Mild) $4/lb

Smoked Bacon $6/lb

Boneless Loin Chops $6/lb

Bone-In Loin Chops $5/lb

Center Loin $12.50/per lb

Ham Slices $6/lb

Ham Slice Cubed Steak $6/lb

Pork Picnic $3.50/lb

Boston Butt $3.50/lb

Pork Skins $2.50/lb

Spare Ribs $4/lb

Baby Back Ribs $8/lb

Liver/Kidney/Spleen $2/pack

Whole Ham $4/lb

Fatback/Leaf Fat $2/lb

Neck/Back Bones $2/lb


Ground $7 per lb
Steaks $8.50 per lb
Loin Chops $8.50 per lb
Shanks $7.50 per lb
Liver per pack $5
Heart per pack $5
Whole Bone-In Shoulder Roast $11 per lb
Whole Bone-In Leg Roast (3-5lb) $9 per lb                      Leg of Lamb $11 per lb

*Pricing for special cuts available as a unit price by order*